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Your Emotional

Relationships are hard, under the best of circumstances. When "extra" challenges-like the pressure of parenting young children, struggles with communication & conflict, addiction, or life stressors, are added onto the challenge, it can be so overwhelming. We each are a result of many experiences- our families of origin, our current families, our social & cultural experiences. Regardless of circumstances, I believe that we all want connection, & understanding. Our humanness is made up social, emotional, spiritual & physical elements. All of these are connected & important. To respect, acknowledge & nurture these truths is my goal.

Adult individuals and couples therapy are my main focus in my practice. EFT- Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy- I have completed the EFT externship (2017) & year long Core Skills training in EFT (2017-2018), as well as biweekly EFT group supervision. I intend to someday become certified in EFT.

I wish to use my experiences to connect to others who may be in the midst of their chaos, wanting to grow, desiring to hope, and needing to be known. Thank you for the sacred opportunity to come alongside you as you grow through your journey.

Rachel (Pendergraft) Beck

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